6:30 PM18:30

Tech-Life Balance for Highly Sensitive People

Personal and broad use of cell phones have varying impacts on physiology, emotions and presence.. Highly sensitive people are especially impacted. In this workshop we will discuss Techno-Stressors and solutions to minimize negative impact and maximize self care. Please bring your phone to explore options that reduce techno-stressors.

Please join us for this educational seminar including a keynote and a digital detox sampler

2020 Date listed is tentative-Date to be announced. Sign up for our Newsletter for Up to Date Information or check back periodically. Thank you

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6:30 PM18:30

Happiness & The Skill Of Connection

As a culture we use tech apps to communicate at lightning speed. Is your message received in the way you intended? We interpret words, emoji’s differently and miscommunications are common.

In this workshop participants will learn and practice simple effective listening skills and subsequent benefits on relationships and happiness. We slow tech down to mindfully deliver and receive communications via tech and unplugged.

Please bring your phone, a friend, colleague, loved one. This is an interactive workshop.

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A Mindful Approach to Tech-Life Balance
7:00 PM19:00

A Mindful Approach to Tech-Life Balance

Kai Hersher will lead a discussion on Digital Wellness and Tech-Life Balance– its role in productivity, happiness, connection to self and others, and ways to take back your time and attention.

Explore techniques and begin to create a toolkit for a happier balance in your daily life.

Kai is founder of Tech Siesta, a Digital Wellness Company & member of the Digital Wellness Collective, a curated group of authors, companies and professionals passionate about broadening awareness for optimal health in many complex tech cultures.  She has 30+ years experience in business, health care and teaching. MBA, B.A., LMT., RYT.

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